T800 Build Mini Doc.

Using skills I learnt in a TAFE course (Technical And Further Education), I built my own forge and started building my T800. The project took approximately 4 years. There were many hurdles to overcome because I was building a fully articulated life size Terminator T800. Modified from a resin copy, I had to recreate parts that were static so that joint movement was possible. 230 movable joints and pistons. This included spine, hips, shoulders, knees, ankles, toes and fingers etc.There are over 70 videos documenting the build. He is made from recycled aluminium, weighs more than 130kgs, has over 500 individual pieces, 280+bolts, and 60 hoses and cables.

Over 1000 hours work in 30 mins

This Video chronicles the building of my version of the Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton. Constructed over 4 years, this is a closer look at how I made the figure and the points that inspired me to recreate this iconic character from movie history in Cast Aluminium. This video covers some of the special effects from the Terminator movies and answers some of the hundreds of questions we have recieved over the years.

Reference Material

With each project I do I troll the internet, watch the movies and research it to death. I save everything I find and I even make some new reference material by combining what I find. I get asked so often for this or that, so I decided to incorporate the “stuff” I get into our website to share with everyone. I break my reference material into 3 catagories, screen used (props used in the film), screen grabs (still images taken from the film) and general reference.