Reference Material

With each project I do I troll the internet, watch the movies and research it to death. I save everything I find and I even make some new reference material by combining what I find. I get asked so often for this or that, so I decided to incorporate the “stuff” I get into our website to share with everyone. I break my reference material into 3 catagories, screen used (props used in the film), screen grabs (still images taken from the film) and general reference.

Gremlin Build Playlist


This is the first part in the build series of making a poseable Gremlin character, I’m going to be using this figure as a reference for both size and details and then make an articulated armature that I will sculpt over to get the final effect that I’m going for. This video has tips for working with a vinyl cast, modify a cast with a heat gun and joining the body parts in preparation for painting.


In this video I complete the assemble of the Gremlin model and detail the making of the monster eyes. This now gives me the 3D references I need to start the building of the articulated version.


This time around I’m working on the armature skeleton for the articulated version of the Gremlin build. I’ve used PVC pipe and plumbing pipe to create the skeleton and curtain rod ends for the joints. Tips on using heat to soften wire.


This time I’m working on building the under structure for the head of the Gremlin, I’m not try to do a 100% accurate skull is more of a good base for mounting the rest of the sculpt.



Time to start working out the skin details, it’s going take a while, but then things don’t always go to plan.


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